World Fire Extinguisher Day is celebrated for the first time in Sri Lanka.

On December 02, 1998, 05 firemen who went to put out a forest fire in the state of Victoria, Australia died after being caught in the fire. To commemorate them, May 4, 1999, was named World Firefighters Day. After that, every year on the 04th of May World Firefighters Day was celebrated in Lovasin. For the first time in Sri Lanka, the World Fire Extinguishing Day celebration was held on 14.05.2023 under the chairmanship of the Minister of State for Provincial Councils and Local Government Mr. Janaka Vakkambura at Freedom Square.

A new website was also launched for the Sri Lanka Fire Brigade

On this occasion, the Secretary of the Ministries of State Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government Ranjith Ashoka, Chief Secretary of Western Province Pradeep Yasaratne, Colombo District Secretary K.G. Wijesiri, Head of the Colombo Municipal Council's Fire Brigade Unit P.D.K. A. Wilson and many government officials were present.

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