Mullaitivu Circuit Bungalow has been selected as the Best Circuit Bungalow by the State Ministry of Home Affairs.

This is according to the progress report of the observations made by senior officials of the State Ministry of Home Affairs last year.

Although the Mullaitivu Resort is located in a dry zone, the landscaping has kept the premises clean and tidy. Mr.Amirtalingam Paskaran has been its Circuit Bungalow Keeper from 2014 to date. He has maintained the resort to the delight of the visitors who visit it.

Mullaitivu Circuit Bungalow Keeper Mr.Amirtalingam Paskaran was recently presented with the award by Secretary to the Ministry of Home Affairs Mr.N.H.M.Chithrananda in recognition of his enthusiasm and friendliness for his personal commitment beyond the scope of his duties.

The State Ministry of Home Affairs has 35 circuit bungalows all over the island which are accepted to reserve to government / semi-government officials/retired Officers. Online reservation is also now available at the nearest Divisional Secretariat.


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